We specialize in skillful technical / scientific software algorithms and unique custom solvers development, modeling and simulation in various physics and engineering areas
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Scientific Software Areas
Electron beams: beam transport through metal foils (Monte Carlo trajectories)
Electron/particle beams: beam propagation through vacuum, arbitrary gases and homogeneous matter
Laser physics: plasma-chemical reaction kinetics, gas laser pumping kinetics, light 3D space propagation, etc.
Plasma physics: nanosecond gas discharge, electron energy distribution, excitation processes, etc.
Signal processing: software for an extremely small signal accumulation and analysis in the presence of a great noise, background, etc.
..Museum of the 1990s
Optimization Software for Engineering
We present a set of new practical algorithms for general and quick solving of the variety of multi-dimensional orthogonal packing and cutting combinatorial optimization problems: 
  • 1D..2D Cutting Stock optimization;
  • 2D..3D Rectangle Bin Packing;
  • 2D..3D Limited Resource Scheduling;
Below you can see some illustrations of the typical results achieved. 
Two-dimensional Bin Packing / Stock Cutting
Three-dimensional Bin Packing
Three-dimensional Limited Resource Scheduling 
(Geometric Approach)
The described methods may be put into practice, in particular, for rectangle packing and cutting optimization software, for planning and scheduling tasks with constrained total resources of one or more kinds, for CAD/CAM systems and for some others. Most of algorithms are ready for implementation into any related technology system. In principle, it is possible to generalize the described methods for 4D..ND cases and for any odd rectangular container shape or other constraints and sequencing conditions taking into account. 

Two-dimensional Bin Packing / Stock Cutting possible applications: 

2D rectangle packing and orthogonal stock cutting, pallet loading software, cut-to-size planning tasks, cut-waste minimization, panel cutting patterns and sheet layout optimization systems, nesting, covering, CAD, CAM, 2D limited or constrained resource scheduling, multiprocessor scheduling, electrical circuits optimization software, other geometrical combinatorial optimization tasks; 

Three-dimensional Bin Packing possible applications: 

3D rectangle optimal packing, container packing and container loading optimization, pallet building and truck loading, air cargo load planning software, transportation software, warehouse management systems (WMS), package design software, other applications, concerning to orthogonal 3D space arrangement, space optimization and volume utilization with rectangular shaped boxes, including odd shaped containers; 

Three-dimensional Limited Resource Scheduling possible applications:  

Multi-dimensional limited resource scheduling and constraint based resource planning, job-shop scheduling, project optimal planning software and manufacturing scheduling systems, finite capacity scheduling optimization, logistics planning software, time tabling optimization algorithm, some other multi-dimensional containment heuristic approaches;  

Representative person: Nikita Yurchenko / Юрченко Никита Иванович

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