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  - Multi-dimensional rectangular packing / cutting  -  combinatorial optimization problems (see 1DSC, 2DLP, 3DLP)

  - Gas lasers (metal vapour, excimer, molecular... ):  pumping kinetics, line spectrum, light radiation 1D..3D space propagation etc.; 
( KrF-excimer laser plasma-chemical reaction kinetics - info & example display )

  - Chemistry:  non-equlibrium chemical and plasma-chemical reaction kinetics in arbitrary mixtures, chemical reactors, laser-induced chemistry; 
( KrF-excimer laser plasma-chemical reaction kinetics - info & example display )

  - Electron beams:  beam propagation through vacuum, gases and foils, high-energy beam degradation spectra in plasma, low-energy beam-type discharges; 
( Electron beam radial propagation through gas and foil - info & example display )

  - Plasma physics:  two-dimensional analysis of gas discharge, powerful discharge stability, nanosecond discharge, electron energy distribution, excitation cross-sections etc.; 
( Nanosecond discharge electron energy distribution - info & example display )

  - Signal processing:  software for an extremely small (spectral) signal accumulation and analysis in the presence of a great noise and wide-band background, device non-uniform and non-stable characteristics etc.;
( Spectral signal processing - info & example display )

  - Pulse electronics:  high-voltage pulse suppliers, nanosecond pulse propagation through distributed and non-linear circuits, electrical and magnetic field configuration patterns; 

  - Heat Transfer:  stationary  and  non-stationary temperature fields analysis for complex geometries; 

  - Complex physical and other processes optimization tasks, random and playing type processes simulation; 

A task of any other kind  -  physical, chemical, technical, biological etc.  -  may be taken into consideration.  In many particular cases we are able to investigate a whole problem and create a simulation model you need. 

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