Laser light Raman scattering spectral signal processing
(for the laser gasoanalyzer system)

Laser light Raman scattering spectral signal processing

Signal processing software


Software for an extremely small (spectral) signal accumulation and analysis in the presence of a large noise and wide-band background, as well as device non-uniformity and non-stability.

This software is tested with the universal laser gasoanalyzer, designed for a continuous control for various technology processes - in metallurgy, chemistry, gas and wood industry etc. - without any probe taking.

The gasoanalyzer measures full chemical composition of gas mixture / stream on a real time scale. Such control permits to optimize different technologies, and  it also can lead to a considerable economy of resources and, hence, to improvement of ecological situation.

Gasoanalyzer action bases on the spectroscopic analysis of the laser light Raman scattering by gas molecules. The advantage of this method is its universal character: the method can be used to measure concentration of any molecule in a gas mixture and it may be carried out with a small time delay.  One can use this device to control systems under big pressure or systems containing any aggressive gases.  The presence of a dust or aerosols doesn't prevent from gas analysis, because such ingredients scatter the laser light at the initial wavelength. Temperature influence upon results is practically negligible.

Gasoanalyzer system consists of:

  - solid state laser (Nd:YAG, 532 nm, up to 10 mJ x 20 Hz);
  - optical receive / transmit system (80 mm aperture);
  - spectroanalyzer based on a diffraction polychromator;
  - electrooptic transformer;
  - light image sensor based on a Charge-Coupled Device (CCD);
  - signal pre-processing and control unit;
  - interface PC for system overall control and spectra analysis.

All above components contribute to the spectral signal non-stable and non-linear transformation and distortion, which must be compensated by software described here for correct measurements, while small signal is received and accumulated.

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