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We offer a set of full featured Windows applications listed below and a variety of corresponding 1D/2D/3D rectangular packing algorithms for implementation into any customer specific technology / software as exe/dll procedures presented by 1D exe/dll and 2D/3D exe full featured demo packs.  For ready to use application pricing, see Ordering and Registration info.  For customized software quotation, please contact us.
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 3D Load Packer
2D Load Packer
1D Stock Cutter
3-d packing optimization software
2-d loading / cutting optimization software
Linear stock cutting optimizer
2D/3D Load Packers  are the unique space optimizers designed to help you plan quickly and easily the best compact geometric arrangement of any 2D/3D rectangular object set within one or more rectangular enclosures .  The software is based on the truly 2D/3D-dimensional original packing/loading algorithms.

2D/3D Load Packers may be used to optimize multi-product, multi-container load plans for any size rectangular containers, trucks, railcars, crates, boxes, as well as be applied to free type 2D cutting, or any other 2D sheet layout planning or 3D space optimization problem.

1D Stock Cutter is the length nesting optimizer - a powerful, fast, compact and easy to use software tool for cutting to length of any linear (one-dimensional) material: wood, metal bars, pipes, profiles, extrusions, and so on.   It typically reduces material waste from about 10% to about 1% with respect to manual cut planning.
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"...Assume you have a huge number of objects with the near-rectangular shapes and significant difference in sizes (boxes), and you need to load them into one or more containers (for transportation or storage). The common solution for the problem is to plan the placement of the objects «by eye» and to try it «by hands», which normally requires the extensive experience or multiple attempts to select the «optimal» places.

3D Load Packer will hand you the optimal plan in just a few minutes!..."

(See "3D Load Packer..." review at:     

...I was dreaming of a tool, you made it. Thanks again!

...I spent many hours playing with your 3d load packer last night and am very impressed with its capabilities!

...Our team is very impressed with 3-D Load Packer's output. It fits our needs very well.

...It is the only product of this kind that I have been able to find and am impressed with the functionality and the speed.

...Just fyi - your software is the best that I have tested so far... In addition, your support and responsiveness to my questions is a refreshing change and worth much more than what you charged for the software.

...We are in the EDM industry and use graphite electrodes. ...and am very impressed with the level of your 3D packaging software.

...I had some ideas about creating a software similar to yours and I must say I was astound to see your space optimizer.

...Thank you and great work on this little piece of software.

...We found an excellent program called Astrokettle which solves this and similar problems very quickly, and is even available on a free 30-day trial. The program is very, very clever indeed and immensely practical. I haven't got a clue how it works for years this is the only program we know and are extremely happy with

...I use your program on a daily basis. It is an Excellent Tool.

...Great program by the way, very happy with it. Very simple and gets the job done quickly.

...I look forward to using your program, as it is extremely efficient and VERY easy to use.

...We have been testing/estimating this 1D Stock Cutter utility for a couple of months. We really enjoy of it.  It has user-friendly interface, easy-to-access buttons, optimized algorithm, multiple program configurations/switches. It seems that we have got anything from this compact and intelligent program. It is just GREAT!

...First – I want to say GOD bless you. I talked our folks in to buying several copies and they are in love.

...This program is invaluable and I want to be sure I've paid for what I use.

...Brilliant thanks - & soooo very efficient tool!

...We bought this software a while ago an it has been working without any problem. Its impossible to know how much time and money we have saved in this time because of your program, thank you for that.

...I never had any problems with 1d cutter and it works perfectly.

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...May I say this is one of the most useful programs we have. Keep up the good work.

...Brilliant. Thank you, works like a charm.

Thanks to all !       

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